I must admit that I did not build out this section of my website as I had planned.  However, I remember every single detail of what happened along the way of getting my first large(r) outdoor garden going.  This past summer, I grew the following cultivars:
Holy Headband
Pre 98 Bubba KushPlatinum OG
Purple Trainwreck
Gelato #45
Sour Diesel
Sour Tangie
Sour Banana Tangie
Sunset Sherbet
Lemon Haze
and ____________

Not everything turned out as I expected.  For one, I made a ridiculous amount of mistakes.  I defoliated way more than necessary, stunting some growth.  I didn’t give nearly enough calcium and magnesium, resulting in slight yellowing of plants.  I didn’t give my molasses until the last month, shortening my window of extra resin and extra sweetness…and on and on and YET, my harvest tastes FANTASTIC.  The very first taste I had of it was when Golden State Labs converted my lemon haze and Sunset Sherbet into a delicious live resin concoction that almost had me turning my back on hash in favor of BHO (NOT REALLY).

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