My cannabis plants are chilly and I need to be patient


JUNE, 2017

It’s the first week in June and this is when everyone in the Bay is putting their cannabis plants outside to enjoy the bountiful sunlight.  I put my plants out a few weeks ago.  Acclimating is taking a little longer than I would like.  The plants are sturdy and green, but about half of them are droopy.  I think they may be a little cold. They look just as I imagine I would if I was standing shivering in this less than spring-like weather.  I just looked it up and apparently the plants definitely want to be in temperatures above 64 degrees Fahrenheit.  One of the irksome realities of living in the Bay is that the chill factor is real once the sun goes down.  I am talking about a 15 to 20 degree difference.  My body, moored to the climate of the tropics, really does not appreciate regular temperatures under 70; so I can understand the plight of my plants.

At first, I was worried that the plants were thirsty.  Though I have a moisture meter (somewhere…) I am okay to use my hand.  The soil feel dryish, but I find that my plants rather a little down time between watering.  I just watered on Thursday, so by today, they should not be dying of thirst.  So very often, we diminish the potential of our cannabis by over-watering and thereby drowning the roots.  By the time the plant is showing yellow leaves from over-watering, it is often gasping it’s last breath.

So I definitely do not want to do that.  I give a little more water and decide to move each of the plants about 15 feet away behind a wooden railing where they will receive an extra 1.5 hours of light.  I figure 1.5 more hours of warmth will most probably be to their liking too.  Being that I am in pots, I have the luxury of moving the plants around to find the ideal spot.  I wonder, though how they are affected when I make radical changes i ntheir positioning.  Last year, I moved the plants all over the roof and very few stay where they rpeviously stood.  I could swea that for 3 or 4 days, the plants suffered for the displacement.  I’ll keep an eye on it this time.  Besides, I am trying to find the ideal spot for when I move the plants into the large pots.  Unlike some snug loving plants, cannabis will expand to whever you allow her.  If you want more yield, on of the first things to do is increase the size of the pot.  I am moving from 2 gallons to 25 gallons.  I should do that later next week.  In the first part, I’ll be taking clones.  The sex has not yet been revealed, but I will take 4 – 5 clones from each plant I REALLY like and pray for the best.

Tomorrow I will get up here nice and early and see what’s up with them.  For all I know, they are still getting used to the sunlight.  I have seen no more slightly burnt spots.  I am only dealing with this droopiness.  I wonder if it is magnesium?  I guess tomorrow I’ll be back to see Jesse at Oakland Garden Supply.  Until then!