Tropical Fantasy BubbleHash has me swooning

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April, 2017


I grew a great amount of cannabis on the roof last year.  I have provided patients with a few pounds.  However, I have mainly been doing nugruns of my flower.  I prefer concentrates (and particularly bubble hash) to flat out smoking flowers, so washing my crop was my plan from the beginning.  I have favored a few flavors like Holy Headband because the yield has been so great and the response quite positive.  However, having grown 13 different plants.  I have a variety of potential blends to make any palate happy.

This blend is of 24K, Platinum Jahgoo, Pre 98 Bubba, and Sour Tangie.  Quite a mouthful, eh?  The flavors come together so nicely; like a expertly blended fruit punch smoothie.   The run is standard, completing in 7 washes.   Being that this is a blend of different plants, I have to opt for the best possible outcome with the average of various technical considerations.  I keep the water around 31 degrees and the initial results are pleasing. The wet resin is a pale yellowish pink and very sparkly; indicating that the vast majority of what I have collected is resin heads.  I am always learning, so I dare not say that EVERYTHING I have collected is heads and there are no stalks to be found.

Dry Tropical Fantasy ResinIt is freeze dried at Tony Vezura’s lab as he has the settings for my resin dialed in perfectly.  After 24 hours, it is ready and it is beautiful.  Working as quickly as possible, the resin is removed from the machine and slid into pre-cooled jars.  Many people leave their resin in this particular state, but being of the Frenchy school, I press all of my resin as a final step.  I like to call it “terp-trapping” because the terpenes that are prone to dissipate through contact with air and humidity are sealed within the mass of pressed hash; waiting to reveal themselves once the hash is cracked.

I have my 73-159μ separated from the 45μ and 160μ which I use generally for making hash rosin. Pressing the Tropical Fantasy 73-159μ bubblehash is a breeze.  When dealing with very high quality resin, applying heat melts it quickly and the mass is quite easily formed.  Frenchy used to give the Hashish 5 minutes.  Now, we are both dealing with such quality that within 30 seconds we can tell if the resin will be worthwhile.  Well, ALL clean hash is worthwhile.  But at the end of the day, my  question (as is the question of many of the younger set) is, “Can it be dabbed?”  Although I know the Hash is good, the dab test will tell me that the resin is indeed perfectly dried and that there is a high amount of cannabis oil in each resin head.  I prepare my dab rig and afte waiting the appropriate time, drop the resin on my quartz banger.  The bubble let’s me know it was worth all of the trouble.  I am looking forward to yet another excursion down the Hashish slide.  Yippee!!!

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