Pinot Noir

previously published in Weed World, Issue 114
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Wed World Issue 114 - Pinot NoirGrown by: Aficionado Seeds
Processed by: Frenchy Cannolli

At first glance, the Pinot Noir Hashish in front of me is a mystery. Fashioned in a dense and compact ball, it dares me to tease out its secrets, to know it as fully as possible. I palm the jawbreaker sized Hashish, marveling at its crystal-like outer appearance.   Honey colored on the outside and somehow brittle, yet soft and pale on the inside, the Hashish feels like somewhat moist fine sand when crumbled. Slicing through a chunk of the Pinot Noir Hashish feels as dense as spooning a freshly opened pint of Haagen Daaz Ice Cream; not overly hard, but solid enough to give me pause.

The Pinot Noir Hashish has a moderate ambient aroma; not powerful when the jar is opened, but unquestionable when given a deep and appreciative inhale. This exuded aroma is spicy and exotic, recalling its Afghani/Pakistani parentage. Original Blackberry Kush lends the other parental half and provides the Pinot Noir Hashish’s sweet, perfume-like essential aroma. On incineration, the wafting smell of pine is unmistakable.

Using a beautiful glass dab rig, I taste the Pinot Noir Hashish for the first time. As this is a concentrated form of cannabis, I am fully expecting a rush of hot vapor to sear past my lips and onto my lungs; bringing that inevitable burn that signals “this is that good stuff.” However, I am pleasantly surprised that the vapor slips into my mouth coolly and smoothly, filing it with a medium intense flavor and then easing down to my lungs. On the second inhale, I slow it down even further; appreciating the initial sweet berries and the layer of chocolate and nuttiness, sucking into my lungs and tasting the diesel fuel, and ending with the tingly piney finish. The third time is definitely going to be the charm. I am already feeling that tell-tale mental expansion that always signals to me that I am on my way to a really nice high. After a very deep draw, the vapor slides in and dances over my tongue, coating it with berry goodness, before continuing down my throat. I feel like I am eating the tastiest air cake ever. The vapor lingers in my lungs with pleasant warmth, and my decision to exhale is neither rushed nor desperate. Cool air then serves as a swift palate cleanser, not unlike delicious sorbet between courses.

I swear I can feel cushions of air all around me; squeezing me gently. A slight smile crosses my lips for no good reason, and then I smile harder.

I feel really good right now.

I am definitely on cloud nine.

I have taken 3 really good hits and I look at my titanium screen. It is a little clogged because the Pinot Noir Hashish is not a full melt concentrate, so I am left with a little residue. A small amount of cleanup and I am ready to go again.

But wait. Let me rest on this plateau because I am already way, way up there.

Ordinarily I am no lightweight cannabis lover, but this Hashish has really caught my attention. Especially in the day time, I favor very euphoric mental highs with little body stone. I am prone to curling up with a cat at any time, so I need as much up-and-at-em as I can get. However, I can easily get distracted and sometimes, really heady highs are as unproductive for me as midday couch-lock. I have nothing to worry about with the Pinot Noir Hashish. I am more than satisfyingly ‘altered’ at this time and I am ready to work. I sort, file, clean, manage business affairs, answer work/personal emails, brush and feed the cats (there are 5…so that’s a real project in itself). I do all of this over a course of 3 hours and I am kept completely buoyed by those 3 lovely hits. I am focused, but forgiving when interrupted. I feel no fatigue from sitting in one place over the course of a few hours. I am decisive in my decision-making, and I’m getting things done.

How efficient.

I do not experience some of the usual drawbacks to an intense midday session. I am not disoriented. I am free of cottonmouth. There is no paranoia. I am not lethargic. In fact, I just feel intense. I feel like the ‘me’ is pushed all the way to seams of my skin; as filled up as possible. It’s like I am radiating myself. I feel confident and operating with purpose.

I like that. This is an experience to have again and again.

And even as I am coming down after 4 hours, I am not feeling at all annoyed or irritable. I can go about my day feeling awesome. I will look forward to enjoying Pinot Noir Hashish again in the future.

Frenchy, I thank you for a delicious introduction to the world of luxury Hashish. I look forward to the next delicacy you have in store.