previously published in Weed World, Issue 115
Download PDF: Weed World, Issue 115 – Cuvée

Weed World, Issue 115 p. 108-111

Grown by: Subcool of TGA Seeds
Processed by: Frenchy Cannoli

Good begets good and the Cuvée plant lovingly bred by Subcool of TGA Seeds proves no exception. She is a delicious cross mothered by the exquisite Pinot Noir and fathered by the robustly flavorful Space Queen, affectionately called ‘Space Dude.’ Using a combination of three phenotypes, Frenchy Cannoli created very potent and tasty Hashish that loudly declares that it is the cream of the crop.

Olive colored and waxy, like the tastiest crayon you can imagine, the Cuvée Hashish is very expressive. Opening the jar of the Cuvée Hashish is like walking in the early fall through the Redwoods of Mendocino County in Northern California. The ambient aroma of slightly damp pine rolls out into the room and lingers heavily. Taking a deep breath, I am treated to a more intense pine-like smell, complemented by nutty overtones similar to crushed hazelnuts. I palm a small, pea-sized chunk and squeeze with my thumb. It initially resists and then, as with all good quality hash, melts into a soft paste. Along with a sweet, floral odor, a totally different essential aroma of fennel and rosemary take center stage. The familiar smell is inviting and taking cues from Frenchy, I eat it, and I am rewarded with a pleasant taste of breakfast sausage.

I can tell that smoking this Hashish is going to be especially good.

For a clean, unadulterated smoke, I opt for my Hashish pipe, packing the previously crushed chunk into the bowl and firing my glass rod. Tapping the chunk lightly, I inhale with medium force. Out of nowhere, the smoke bursts into my mouth like a perfectly coiffed bull adorned in flowers and pearls. The volume is nearly uncontainable, slipping past my nostrils even as most of it roars down to my lungs. With full intensity, it comes back up in my exhalation; recalling sweet pine cones and tangy tropical fruit. The smoke swirls in front of me and the blue trails hang thickly. If the Pinot Noir Hashish caresses like a smooth tango, the Cuvée Hashish tantalizes like a lusty burlesque. I pull on the Hashish pipe another time, this time fully aware of the coming rush. The Cuvée Hashish doesn’t disappoint, whirling over my tongue before dipping in and out of my lungs as fast as she entered.

CuveeShe is a hot tease!

A fierce and full-bodied floral flavor fills my mouth, buttressed by the savory notes of rotisserie, and ending with a full, piney and diesel finish. The room smells both like a spice house and a 50s diner. All of my senses are at peak attention.

Almost immediately, a tingling sensation begins skipping up the bridge of my nose, pausing at my forehead and drenching the rest of my skull. Euphoria blossoms, welling up from my stomach and amassing at eye level where I swear I see stars and fairies for just a brief moment. Or maybe it is balloons and clowns. With my rapidly changing mindset, it becomes clear that I will not be getting any focused work done at this time. As the minutes slide by, my mind finds it hard to be tied down for too long. I am aware of all of the sounds of the morning: the birds heralding a new day, the neighbors’ extra long shower, the garbage truck rumbling along, and yet I cannot keep a string of thoughts for more than 30 seconds. I think this is an absolutely perfect experience for a Sunday morning. The high is elevated, but not soaring. I give in to my fleeting thoughts and enjoy the sun shining through the parted blinds. It has been almost 5 and a half months since I moved from South Beach, Florida to the Bay area, but with the Cuvée Hashish, I am right back on Ocean Drive; languidly enjoying the pleasant passing time with hardly a care in the world. My body feels comfortable, but I am barely aware of it in any case. I am floating along, like a feather on the peaceful wind.

After 45 minutes I want a little more of the Hashish, but my blow torch, never the most reliable, sputters its last. With no more perfect time than then present, I decide to try out the Jomotech Dark Knight Honour Vaporizer that I received for Christmas. I am pleased to be able to adjust the temperature over several rounds to see what works best. After charging, I drop an intact piece of Cuvée Hashish into the Pyrex cup. Terpenes begin to burn off of the Hashish at around 340° F and it achieves full melt by 410° F.° The inhalation of the vapor is far smoother than expected. Whereas a deep draw on my Hashish pipe pulls a multitude of flavors into my mouth which explodes immediately, the vaporizer’s flavors are significantly muted. It is only on the exhale that the nutty pine taste is somewhat present. Being keen for intense mouth-feel and texture, this lightweight vaporizer experience is initially somewhat underwhelming. However, a mere two minutes later, I felt the gentle pull upwards for another sweet and stress-free mental flight. I am elated.

Hours pass and I think of everything and nothing. I am thankful that my weekend plans include mental recharge and self-reflection as the year comes to a close. My mind is infused with a calm serenity and I am eased back down with no discomfort. It has been a sweet ride. The Cuvée Hashish will be remembered for her bawdy aroma, bold flavor, and amazing stress-releasing power. I owe so much gratitude to MzJill, Subcool, and Frenchy, because in so many more ways than one, I am blessed.