Day 55 – Growing Cannabis on the Roof w/ Mozart on Steelpan


JUNE, 2017

Three days ago, on an unusually warm June 6th, I, along with two helpers, transplanted the cannabis plants from two gallon plastic pots to 25 gallons soft pots. The plants tolerated the move pretty well, but I could tell they were tired. The plants had already been thirsty as I had been “baby-watering” them instead of giving them full gulps of water. Therefore, they were a little droopy and I wanted to lift their spirits. As of today, they look amazing, but when they first moved, I could tell they needed music for a bit of perking up.

I took my tenor steelpan upstairs and played Rondo Alla Turca by Mozart. Now a few days later, the plants have adjusted and will be cloned in days. I won’t make the mistake I made last year; depriving them and myself of practice. I love marrying my two favorite topics…cannabis and music. Fun times ahead…

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