JUNE, 2017

Running behind, but Hashish must be made into Rosin

Time is ticking and I feel a bead of sweat pearl on my brow.  Clad in a grey suit dress, I am ready to make my way to the NCIA Cannabiz Summit in downtown Oakland.  However, as a concentrates producer cognizant that opportunities await around every corner, I realize I need to have a sample of my wares ready for the right person.  I have Hashish available, but I need Hash Rosin as well. In contrast to last week’s rosin production which was driven by sheer need, this resin is going to be a treasure to squish.  I hold in my hand an ice cold jar containing 14 grams of Bubble Hash.  I typically use the following bubble bags when making Hash: 45 micron, 73 micron, 160 micron, and 220 micron.  I keep the 73 – 159 micron size for making into full melt, dabbable pressed Hashish.  The 45 micron bag collects resin heads from 45 micron through 72 micron. The 160 bag contains trichomes ranging from 160 through 219 microns in diameter. The jar in my hand is a combination of the 45 and 160 micron bags.  Often these bags are mistakenly regarded as being lower grades.  Though the ability of the resin to melt smoothly on one’s quartz banger is not assured, if the cannabis larf/small buds/trim has been well handled, the 45 and 160 micron bags contain very high quality resin with amazing flavors and a super powerful high.  It is for this reason that I am comfortable putting my name on this Holy Headband Hash Rosin.  The starting material is phenomenal.  

Good Cannabis Plants

Last year, I grew the Holy Headband from four teens that I acquired from Blue Belly Farms. Beneath the full glory of the sun, they thrived.  During the flowering period, the small, perky buds peppered the multitude of stems.  In mid September at the time of harvest, right before my trip to Barcelona, I noted that though quite fragrant and sticky, the buds had not swelled to the Indica proportions of other plants like the Pre-98 Bubba; which I had also received from Blue Belly Farms.  I removed the yellowing fan leaves and hung the many stems to dry.  Two weeks later I returned from Spain and tackled the huge task of trimming my buds.  The first plant I reached for was the Holy Headband.  Trimming the tiny leaves of these buds was most assuredly going to be a nightmare.  So I decided to wash the buds for Hashish instead.  I figured if the return was not perfect, I could dial in my tech.  I bravely completed two washes totaling 528 grams of material.  After it was perfectly dried in the freeze drier, I was astonished to learn that the yield was 102 grams – 19.3%.  This figure was amazing as material that returns 12 – 15% is considered absolutely superb.  I was quite lucky to have 5 more pounds of nugs to wash.  And the taste?  Simply delicious – soft baby powder layered over stinky armpits and gas.

Great Expectations for the Resin

Presently, I am down to my last bit of Holy Headband cannabis and I decide to wash a half pound (227 grams).  Remembering my last large yield, I am pleased that when I finish washing, my 45, 73, and 160 micron patties are huge.  I probably will get at least 20% return again.  And indeed I do.  Therefore, it is with eager anticipation that I crank on the air compressor and start the rosin press.  I have more than enough to save some of the 45 and 160 micron Bubble Hash for joints and to process the rest. Usually I squish resin at 180 degrees F and for 180 secs.  This time, I lower the temperature and increase the timing to 210 secs.  Using unidirectional flow, I ensure that the resin does not rest on the hot plates for any longer than necessary.  I delicately begin the squish, adjusting the regulator every 20 secs or so to allow more pressure to squeeze out more cannabis oil.  After three and a half minutes, the rosin machine slams back to its starting position and the parchment paper nearly slides to the floor.  I catch it just in the nick of time and slowly peel the paper open.  Golden oil with the consistency of slightly chilled honey glistens in the overhead light, and I smile broadly.  This is pure gold. Now I head out, ready to dab anyone at a moment’s notice.  I’m here to spread smiles.  After all, my niche is Hashish.  

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